At the heart of our company is the belief that individuals and organisations can thrive when focusing on identifying and leveraging their unique strengths. The culture adopted within society very much centres around improving weaknesses when in fact the real power comes from tapping into strengths.

Positive dynamics such as strengths, resilience and motivation can lead to improved productivity and performance. By understanding the drivers of positive behaviour and improving the culture in the workplace, organisations can exceed expectations of achievement and inspire employees to find opportunity, innovate and pursue excellence.

Traditional organisational models are being reassessed and with the stress and current challenges to well-being, new ways of thinking that can unlock the potential of people is ever more important. 

We help organisations on this journey through the use of a number of assessments, coaching modalities and data all supported by years of research.

Meet The Founder

After graduating from The University of Manchester I embarked on a career in recruitment, harnessing my natural ability in sales. I worked my way up the corporate ladder, successfully managing a team in the largest privately owned recruitment company globally. 

After 8 years I decided to take charge and pursue what had long been a dream. I made the scary decision to quit and travelled the world for 6 months. Solo travel is truly like nothing else! I experienced different cultures, met a variety of people, went through my bucket list and had a lot of time to reflect. It reinforced something I've always thought...Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Upon my return I started my own recruitment and coaching company. It has been great, allowing me to build relationships and help a multitude of people. 

There are a plethora of benefits to working with a coach. You may be seeking a major change or just some direction but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you need someone to hold you accountable or boost your confidence? 

Whatever the goal, as a licensed practitioner I'm confident I can support you on what will be an exciting and fruitful journey!


Life really begins at the end of your comfort zone, so if you want change you really have to challenge yourself. Tap in to what energises you

Garvey Seaton, Founder & Lead Coach

My Why

Two reasons. 


Firstly, we spend roughly 50% of our waking hours at work so I want to equip people with the confidence, inner knowledge and roadmap to prosper in their careers. A lot of career decisions are heavily influenced by fear, archaic values and lack of knowledge and this certainly applied to me. Through a series of difficult conversations and self development work I was able to take real steps to change and it was a snowball effect from there. Someone once said to me “if you wait, all that happens is you get older”. Very simple and very true. 


Secondly, for selfish reasons I just love to meet and engage with new and interesting people and get really positive energy from this. You could say I crave it. The feeling that my work is purposeful is something I love! I’m a ‘Searcher’ and if we work together you’ll soon learn what that means.


I have experience working for a big corporate. In fact my previous company was the largest privately owned staffing & recruitment company globally. I helped a variety of professionals secure new roles from junior Managers through to Directors. I took pride in building a diverse team under me, helping them to build and develop their careers.


I'm also a qualified licensed practitioner covering motivation, strengths and resilience and this really underpins my coaching methods. I focus on identifying what truly energises and motivates an individual and in turn develop a bespoke plan of action that we can work on together, either at an individual or organisational level. As a leader you feel empowered, armed with the knowledge of how to get the best out of your people and as an individual you feel more confident with a deeper understanding of yourself.


My clients come in all shapes and sizes with different wants and needs and at different stages of their journeys. Though not an exhaustive list they include:

  • Professionals looking for a complete career change or guidance of how to ascend within their organisation/field

  • Organisations who want to better engage with their employees and explore personal development opportunities

  • Educational institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities) who want to provide their students with a roadmap to the right career for them 

  • Organisations who want to improve diversity and inclusivity

  • Individuals on a journey of self discovery who need someone to provide clarity and hold them accountable