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Our strengths tool assesses and ranks the 30 core and distinctive strengths of an individual and identifies what might help them to be more successful at work, particularly when under pressure.

Quick - completed in 12 mins

Detailed - analytical report produced

Robust - years of research with a norm group of over 3000 global leaders


Provides individuals with key information around their  strengths (energisers) and potential development areas. Encourages them to take more ownership over their careers.


Individuals that use their strengths at work are 38% more productive and 44% more effective when dealing with clients. A strengths based approach allows you to maximise performance.

Training & Development

Encourages participants to think about and engage in open discussion about their strengths, so that the organisation can make more effective people and development decisions.


Individuals that are able to use their strengths at work are on average 6x more engaged. They feel a sense of authenticity when using their strengths and can leverage what makes them unique.

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