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Our resilience tool is designed to identify the 9 dichotomous areas of emotional wellbeing and resilience. It allows individuals to understand on a deeper level how they operate under pressure and how to develop coping strategies to protect against the impact of stress and thrive in pressurised environments.

Quick - completed in 12 mins

Detailed - analytical report produced

Robust - years of research with a norm group of over 600 global leaders


Provides individuals with the language and confidence to articulate to their managers the areas they need support in.



Helps individuals to understand and reflect on how they operate under pressure and provide coping strategies to allow them to flourish.


Encouraging individuals to talk about a subject which is often a taboo, creates a psychologically safe environment. It demonstrates that their wellbeing is a priority.

Provides the platform for individuals to learn about their emotions and build their resilience. They can more effectively combat stress and perform better under pressure.


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