Diversity & Inclusion


higher revenue

for companies

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CEOs say a clear

diversity and


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higher profits for culturally and ethnically diverse companies compared with their competitors


better performance in racially diverse companies compared to their competitors


more innovation for inclusive companies

Improving the culture within a workplace is a top priority for many organisations, and a key way to address this is through various diversity and inclusion initiatives, the value of which cannot be underestimated. Diversity is an integral part of good governance and produces superior decision making. The journey to becoming a truly inclusive organisation requires an open mind and commitment, allowing the leveraging of collective cognitive diversity and resulting in great leaps in innovation, productivity and performance. No matter where your organisation is on the journey, we’ll be able to help you. This could be the start of the process where an audit is likely necessary or a workshop once your objectives have already been set.

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Our interactive workshops will help you improve awareness amongst employees of their differences and how to celebrate them. They will help to foster an environment of engagement and openness and remove barriers to opportunity. We develop our workshops in partnership with you and we ensure that they are bespoke and responsive to your organisation’s needs

Our audits will help you to identify and understand your organisation’s diversity challenges. Before you take action, it is pivotal that you engage with your employees (and potentially other stakeholders) to understand their experiences of the organisation, which can steer you in the right direction. This information is then collated into a report and you have access to the data via an easy to use digital platform. You’re then able to track your improvements ensuring that you are on the right path to improving your diversity and inclusivity

Diversity Audits

Strategy Planning

We'll help develop or redefine your existing diversity & inclusion strategy. We focus on 4 key areas: organisational policies, recruitment & selection, training and culture

The founder and lead coach Garvey Seaton is available as a guest speaker to discuss important issues across the diversity & inclusion space. He has been a guest speaker for different organisations to discuss various topics including ‘race in the corporate world’ and ‘how to create culture change’

Guest Speaker