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Team Brainstorm

We specialise in helping organisations to diversify their boards through the hire of executive and non-executive directors. 

We have an extensive network of executive directors from underrepresented backgrounds with expertise across a variety of industries.

Diversity is a business imperative. We know that effective boards are diverse boards that are able to avoid the issues that come from homogeneous group thinking. Diversity is vital to future proofing the success of a business, most notably helping in terms of succession planning, commercial growth and strategy development.

Business Case

Traditional board recruitment tends to be reliant on existing board members' networks, which often aren't diverse.

We give you exposure to a network of candidates that you would otherwise not have access to.

One of the biggest barriers to hiring executives from diverse backgrounds is a lack of diversity on the current board. There is a lack of understanding of the people being recruited. This creates a vicious cycle.

Our experience allows us to translate the vision of the business and use this to identify the right candidtes based on skills, values and aspirations.

An outdated executive recruitment procedure is often a big contributor to a lack of progress. 

We provide an assessment of the procedures in place and dismantle the ingrained processes that contribute to the systemic underrepresentation diverse board executives.