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Fractional CDIO

Giving a Presentation

A Fractional Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer is an experienced professional that offers their expertise to organisations in a part-time, retainer, or contract arrangement. In contrast to consultants, Fractional CDIOs work in an advisory AND implementation capacity to help companies execute on their vision, and mission.

Unlike a full-time CDIO who oversees and maintains all general D&I strategy or an interim CDIO who performs duties before or between hires, a fractional CDIO’s duties are typically on a project basis and specifically tuned to the company’s particular challenges or goals



Most companies cannot afford to hire a c-suite or Head of D&I, so this is a cost effective way to realise the benefits without being lumbered with an exorbitant salary

Crisis prevention

Prevention is better than cure. A fractional CDIO helps organisations to identify issues that left unchecked cause bigger issues that are costly to fix


A Fractional CDIO offers valuable insight and outside perspective to organisations while allowing them to dedicate more focus on their core competencies


Help you to grow strategically. New hires, extra layers in the org chart, increased business demand. Ensure that as the business grows, it evolves to reflect the changing landscape 


The majority of small-medium sized organisations don't need a full time Head of/CDIO but can hugely benefit from their expertise on a fractional basis


D&I is now a strategic priority central to success. It should not be left to HR or employees who have other core responsibilities and in some cases minimal experience


Support with talent acquisition, retention, talent management, leadership/career development, employee engagement and succession planning

Translate the CEO & Board’s direction and vision into D&I strategic plans & goals. Then define the key resources (training, legal, compliance) the business needs to reach the goals

Implementation of your D&I roadmap and communication plan to create awareness and lasting change

Help guide reporting and analytics that measure progress in hiring, retention and career growth based on D&I efforts

Provide immediate feedback and counsel on emergent issues

Help guide the education and learning and development initiatives needed for both managers and employees to meet the company’s D&I goals

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