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Maximising Adolescent Potential

White Sands

M.A.P is an innovative product designed to help young people who are at a critical stage in their development and provide much needed direction. Decisions around A-levels, university and ultimately chosen career path are all linked. Young people are under immense pressure to know everything they are very early on with very little emphasis on who they are.

We focus on identifying their unique strengths, building their emotional resilience and learning their motivational drivers and preferences.

Our assessments provide valuable information and help with a number of things including a young person's learning style, ability to master academia, capacity to reach their goals, confidence to meet challenges and vision to seize opportunities. 

Unlock young people's potential in an authentic way by uncovering Why, When and How they excel.

Enhanced Learning

Armed with knowledge of what truly motivates them as individuals and how they like to learn you can tailor the learning experience.


The information from the assessments provide a great platform to understand the young person on a deeper level. They'll feel more supported and it improves the relationship between parents, students and education establishments.


The results provide young people with much needed direction and the knowledge to make more informed educational and career decisions that align with who they are and their core strengths.


With uncertain and challenging times ahead, this will aid in developing the emotional resilience needed to thrive. It will also provide an insight into how they operate on good and bad day.

What's the process?



We offer the option of 3 different innovative tools, focused on identifying strengths, building emotional resilience and learning motivational preferences respectively.

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