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Motivational maps is an ISO-accredited bespoke tool of self discovery. It provides a snapshot of an individual or team's current level of motivation and gives an insight into what really drives them. This is critical for organisations to truly connect with their people.

Quick - completed in 15 mins

Detailed - analytical report produced

Measured - data allows us to measure and track level of motivation


Ensures you hire the right person. Other methods won't tell you whether someone has the right motivation for the role. This creates an innovative way to screen candidates and reduces attrition.


Gives employees clarity and direction by uncovering the key motivators for them and their colleagues. Information extracted enables better communication and cohesion within teams.


Gives leaders confidence and helps them to understand what motivates each employee in their team. Also provides strategies to help them manage more effectively.

Sucession Planning

Allows you to fine tune personal development plans. You can more easily identify aspiring leaders and be more proactive in identifying under-performers.

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