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Personal Development

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What is the biggest challenge for your business? Retention? Productivity? Innovation? Recruitment? Wellbeing?

These issues and many more all have one thing in common? PEOPLE

How you engage, inspire, develop and attract your employees will directly impact the success of your business. Gone are the days where merely increasing salaries will cut it. Employees are demanding an employer that values them and helps to develop them into better more well rounded individuals.

We support our clients on this journey by delivering topical interventions that focus around 3 key pillars -


Strengths, Resilience & Motivation

Personal Development Programmes
Our development programmes are designed to support the learning culture within an organisation, helping individuals, teams and leaders succeed through a range of facilitated workshops and coaching.


Our workshops are designed and flexed around the client agenda with the aim of improving engagement, enhancing performance and empowering employees


We offer both individual and group coaching designed to empower individuals and teams and help them reach their potential. 



Maximising Motivation

This explores the theory behind motivation, helping participants to uncover their intrinsic motivators and learn how these shape the type of work, relationships and goals that can benefit their careers.


Realising Strengths

This explores the positive psychology behind a strengths based approach. We shift the narrative and teach participants how to identify and leverage the power of their unique strengths.


Building Resilience

This explores the concept of resilience on a deeper level, providing participants with insight into how they react to adversity and strategies to avoid burnout and improve their emotional resilience.

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Authentic Leaders

Leaders have an immeasurable impact on a company’s performance and resilience. Our programme uses a scientific approach around leadership behaviour to help leaders positively impact their teams and be effective regardless of the market around them.

Learn about our Authentic Leaders programme 

  • Introspection - Being an Authentic leader first means knowing yourself. We take leaders through a series of assessments to help them really understand who they are and what they want. Before you can help others, you need to help yourself

  • Alignment – Understanding how a leader’s motivators align with that of their teams is imperative in ensuring that everyone is driving in the same direction

  • Communication - We help leaders in adjusting and developing their communication style to connect with their teams and really inspire them.  Being able to share authentic messages with a team provides the openness that builds real relationships

  • Performance – We help leaders to employ the right leadership psychology to enable their teams to have better answers to problems posed and reach optimal performance

  • Development – we help leaders in designing tailored development programmes for their employees that align with their short term and long-term ambitions

  • Recruitment – the ripple effect of bad hiring decisions can be quite big. We help in innovating the recruitment process by working with leaders to identify key areas of focus outside of desired skills

  • Succession Planning - identify aspiring leaders based not just on skill but motivational drivers

  • Retention - We help leaders in recognising the individual strengths and experiences of their employees and developing tailored reward strategies that ensure retention of key talent

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Successful Work Team

Thriving Teams

A successful team is cohesive, engages in open and honest communication and provides a psychologically safe environment for all individuals to thrive and use their strengths.

Learn about our Thriving Teams programme 

  • Communication - Teach teams how to communicate effectively by understanding the nuanced personality and motivators of each team member

  • Productivity - Improve productivity by teaching individuals how to utilise their strengths

  • Resilience - Teach teams how to perform better under pressure with strategies that will build their resilience and emotional wellbeing

  • Team Dynamics - Provide insight into details that are impacting performance – focus on the psychological role (based on the kind of person they are) vs functional role (based on their position and technical skillset)

  • Cohesion - Turn a group into a team by developing a shared purpose that brings them closer together

  • Diversity - Create an environment in which cognitive diversity is celebrated and utilised

  • Connection - Develop psychologically synergy between team members

  • Motivation - Measure, track and dissect a team’s level of motivation

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Empowered Individuals

We take individuals on a journey of self discovery, helping to identify their strengths and current barriers to success.

Learn about our Empowered Individuals programme

  • Emotional Resilience - Prepare individuals to thrive in the face of adversity by making them aware of their stress triggers and focusing on their behaviours, actions, thoughts and attitudes

  • Strengths - Improve individuals' awareness around their core and distinctive strengths allowing them to take more ownership of their careers​​

  • Inner Drive - provide clarity on an individual's intrinsic motivators allowing them to make smarter career decisions

  • Direction - Develop a detailed career plan and a clear approach to achieve it 

  • Confidence - Uncover the current barriers impacting their belief in achieving their goals

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